Festoon Pattern Just one of Many

Festoon Water Set

Festoon Water Set

The Festoon Pattern is just one of many patterns with an unknown maker or with a disputed maker.  Some authorities say the pattern maker is unknown; others say Beatty-Brady (Indiana Glass) made the pattern; while others (two separate authors of books on Portland Glass) claim the pattern was made by Portland Glass Company, Portland ME pre-1873.

Portland Glass began production on November 11, 1863. Portland was a prolific producer of many patterns. At one point, Portland was producing 5 thousand pieces of glassware per day. It reached its peak of success in 1867. The plant was destroyed by fire in September 1867 and was again operating in the spring 1868. By 1870 Portland was forced to reorganized and became Portland Glass Works.

Unfortunately, competition with other companies more favorably located to resources and transportation was too much for Portland. In 1873 Portland was forced to close. Its major assets were its molds and these were used to satisfy its debt. As a result, it is reasonable to conceive that Beatty-Brady Glass may have acquired the molds at some point and may have produced the pattern. Between 1873 and the time Beatty-Brady was credited with producing the pattern (1890s), the molds could have changed hands a number of times and there may be more unknown makers.


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