About ME

I have been collecting and selling glassware since about 2002.  I live in Cape Coral Florida with my husband and our two cats, Gizmo and Yoyo.  Selling is a hobby to pay for my addiction to buying glassware.  Gizmo and Yoyo are two white Persian cats we rescued from the animal shelter.


I was a parlegal in Boise Idaho until 2000 when my husband and I both retired and moved to Florida to be closer to the Cruise Ships.  We have taken more than 64 cruises on almost every cruise line you can name.  We did this over a period of about 20 years.

Why we live in Florida

Why we live in Florida

I love all kinds of glassware, but my favorite is Early American Pressed Glass.  According to many, I made a huge mistake by opting to sell clear rather than colored glass.  I do sell colored glass, but my favorite is clear.  It is amazing to find a piece of glass the color of water created by an almost primitive method more than 100 years ago.

I have been selling exclusively on Ruby Lane in my shop,  PAST WARES.  Primarily I sell antique and vintage glass but I also sell collectible kitchen ware made by Otagiri and others.



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